The Molecule of More

By Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD, and Michael E. Long

How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity – and Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race

Why are we obsessed with the things we want and bored when we get them?
Why is addiction perfectly logical to an addict?
Why does love change so quickly from passion to indifference?
Why are some people diehard liberals and others hardcore conservatives, no matter the argument against them?
Why are we always hopeful for solutions even in the darkest times—and so good at figuring them out?

The answer is found in a single chemical in your brain: dopamine. Dopamine ensured the survival of early man. Thousands of years later, it is the source of our most basic behaviors and cultural ideas—and progress itself.

Dopamine is the chemical of desire that always asks for more—more stuff, more stimulation, and more surprises.

It is undeterred by emotion, fear, or morality.

It is why we seek and succeed; it is why we discover and prosper.

Yet it’s also why we gamble and squander.

From dopamine’s point of view, it’s not the having that matters. It’s getting something—anything—that’s new. From this, we can understand in a revolutionary new way why we behave as we do in love, business, addiction, politics, religion – and we can even predict those behaviors in ourselves and others.

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The Molecule of More explains how dopamine impacts and drives different aspects of your life including:



Why is it so difficult to transition from a dating relationship to something permanent? Is there a way to make it easier? Explore the connection between dopamine and romantic love – and the chasm that must be crossed to making love stay.



Find out what makes dopaminergic people more ambitious than others, how to leverage that neurochemical ability, and what every busy person can do to make life beyond the office more satisfying.



Understanding how dopamine’s pursuit of more can become all-consuming helps us get inside the mind of those struggling with addiction to see why, to an addict, addiction seems “perfectly logical.”



Learn the dopamine-driven reason why some people are more creative than others, which is also why creative types are often a little more forgetful, even “scatter-brained” than others, too. If you’re creative or just want to be, learn how to better access your gift.



Dopamine makes us want more, but life is more than pursuit and ambition. Learn easy ways to balance the dopamine-driven life with the pleasures of what’s around us in the here and now.



Why is politics so vicious, and why now? The Molecule of More identifies the neurochemical difference between liberals and conservatives, how it orients both left and right toward certain kinds of beliefs, and why, whatever your politics, the “other side” never seems to “get it.”